Clinic Services
The Delaware General Health District offers health programs and services that affect Delaware County residents’ well being. From chronic disease prevention to work-site wellness initiatives to clinic services to the prevention of disease through immunizations and screenings, we care about your health. Please visit the Clinic Services page to review our programs and services to see how we may help you become healthier where you live, work and play and how we help those around you improve their quality of life.
Community Services
Access to healthcare and other assistance programs are important to the overall health and well-being of our community. The Health District provides referrals to a number of community resources. These programs may provide food, medical care and financial assistance, among others. For additional information on the resources available for our residents, please visit the Community Services page. The lists are updated at least yearly and no assurances are made that any particular person will be eligible for any of these programs. For general assistance in finding help for a variety of needs, HelpLine (Dial 211) has information on most agencies/programs in the county.
Licensing Services
Licensing Services consists of a staff of dedicated and professional people who work every day to assure the citizens of the Health District have a safe and healthy environment where they can live, work and play. The Licensing Services division is divided in three units:
  • The Food Protection and Public Safety Unit inspects restaurants, grocery stores, campgrounds, swimming pools, schools and Tattoo and Body Piercing facilities to name a few.
  • The Residential Services Unit inspects residential sewage treatment systems, small commercial sewage treatments systems, private water treatment systems and performs animal bite investigations. They also conduct mosquito control seasonally.
  • The Emergency Response, Plumbing and Solid Waste Management Unit inspects plumbing systems, landfills, infectious waste generators and responds to environmental spills.
Visit the Licensing Services page to learn more about the services provided.